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Bootstrap 3 tutorials on new weblog

Hi, I have started another weblog dedicated to Bootstrap 3, LESS, jQuery and WordPress. Some of the tutorials on this blog have been re-located to the other blog. So you can find those tutorials (and new ones of course) on TutsMe-Webdesign.info
Bootstrap styling theme

Bootstrap – Styling the theme

In the previous tutorials we created the HTML structure for the template's pages.

In this tutorial we'll tackle the styling of the theme.

To begin the styling of our theme we first turn to one of the Theme Generators: Bootstrap Magic.

But we'll also do some detailed styling with CSS

tutorial about Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap – Website Template Footer

Twitter Bootstrap tutorial: how to create a footer with address and social media, google map, Twitter timeline
tutorial about Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap – Website Template Home Page

Twitter Bootstrap tutorial: we add a Home page to the Website Template.

Tutorials for beginners

webdesign tutorial

Where to start with a webdesign?

When you think about your (first) webdesign a lot of questions will probably pop up. In this tutorial about webdesign for beginners I want to give you some pointers to help you get started in the right direction.

Having a clear understanding of the purpose of your website is very important. It will help you answer essential question about a webdesign that helps achieving that purpose.

When you have decided what the purpose is you can start creating a mock-up of your webdesign.

tutorial kind of website

What kind of website?

When you think about starting a website and/or want to learn how to create a good webdesign you will soon have questions.

The answer to these questions has a lot to do with understanding the difference between two kinds of website: Static websites and Database driven websites

In this tutorial for beginns I want to explain the fundamental difference between those two kinds of websites.

html and webdesign tutorial

Intro to creating a webdesign with HTML

Every web page on the World Wide Web consists of text, images and a simple markup language(HTML).

This tutorial is a short introduction for beginners about webdesign and HTML.

After reading this tutorial you will be able to create a simple webdesign and this web page in a browser like any other website.

tutorial simple webdesign

A Simple Webdesign

This tutorial is a practical way to learn the basics of Web Design. You start straight away with the creation of a simple website and learn to use an HTML editor.

You will also learn how to work with the CoffeeCup Free HTML-editor. I have evaluated several free HTML-editors and consider this one the best.

css box-model webdesign

CSS Box Model

For webdesign it's essential to understand the CSS Box Model.

Each element on a web page can be seen as a box.

A box has a width and a height. And in order to know if multiple boxes will fit side by side on a web page you have to know their dimensions.

hyperlinks in webdesign tutorial


Hyperlinks are the bread and butter of web pages.

With hyperlinks you can create a navigation menu, make it easy for visitors to jump to another section or link to an external source.

This tutorial explains the use and creation of hyperlinks.